Leather flask 1,3l - brown

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Leather flask was a standard piece of medieval travellers´ equipment. The findings of leather containers and flasks have been quite common since antiquity practically all over the world. Shapes and contents varied. Flasks, as well as all my other products, are handmade, including sewing. The procedure involves wet stuffing (the shape is stuffed with wheat seeds) and after drying and removing the seeds, the flasks go through a hot wax and resin bath, which ensures their tightness which I test personally. The flasks are fully functional. They are not suitable for hot, acid or aggressive liquids or liquids with high contents of alcohol. Do not expose them to high temperatures or direct sun (might cause softening, deformation or even leaking).

Contains a belt with fittings.

Made of 3,5 mm cowhide leather.

Special treatment for flasks and blackjacks:

Those products are made with a hundred years old manufacturing method. The product is boiled in a mixture of beeswax and resin (resin used in the food industry), the product is fully functional and watertight. Thanks to legal standards, this is a decorative and also fully functional item. Put only cold liquids into the flask / blackjack, do not expose it to high temperatures, direct sunlight, aggressive fluids, oils, or high pressure. Breaking these principles can cause deformation and loss of ability to maintain liquid. After emptying the product, rinse it thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry. Do not leave the flasks closed unless they are completely dry.

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